Chapter 6: Running the Built-In Desktop Applications

In This Chapter

arrow.png Writing with Notepad and WordPad for free

arrow.png Mapping characters

arrow.png Calculating and painting

arrow.png Creating sticky notes

The tiled “Windows 8” apps are coming, but it isn’t yet clear if any of them can top what you already have, for free, on the desktop.

askwoodycom_vista.eps In this chapter, I introduce you to a handful of useful programs that you’ve already paid for. They aren’t the greatest, but they’re more than adequate in many situations — and when better, free alternatives exist, I tell you about them, too.

Even if they do come from a Microsoft competitor.

Keep your eyes open for new Windows Store tiled applications that can match some of the functions in these free built-in Windows programs. As time goes by, the tiled apps will get better — although it’s going to be a little difficult to beat the price on these guys.

Getting Free Word Processing

If you commonly work with complicated documents, I hate to tell you, but you don’t have much choice ...

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