Chapter 4: Top Security Helpers

In This Chapter

arrow.png Deciding whether to pay for BitLocker

arrow.png Keeping on top of all those passwords

arrow.png Watching your programs for updates

arrow.png Blocking Java and Flash in your browser

arrow.png The ultimate antiscumware scan

In Chapter 3 of this minibook, I talk about built-in Windows programs that are available to every Windows 8 owner. In this chapter, I cast the web out a bit further, to include one Microsoft encryption program you have to pay for — BitLocker for Windows 8 Pro — and a handful of free-for-personal use programs that belong on every Windows 8 user’s desktop.

Windows covers a lot of security bases, but it doesn’t touch them all.

askwoodycom_vista.eps Two very good programs will store all your passwords, and automatically fill in the username/password prompts at the websites you visit. One of them, LastPass, is based in the cloud, which means you can get at it even when you’re on a dive ...

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