Chapter 4

Setting Up a Windows 8 App

In This Chapter

arrow Starting with a new project

arrow Using the templates for layout

arrow Helping the user navigate

If you are an accomplished web programmer, a knowledgeable mobile developer, or an experienced desktop guru looking to program for Windows 8, I have bad news. A lot of your skills will require a little alteration. Developing in Windows 8 makes use of a lot of your existing skills, but it also has a few “gotchas.”

The goal of this chapter is to fill you in on the gotchas. There will be a quiz at the end of this chapter to see how you did. (Just kidding. I think.)

In this chapter, I walk you through an entire application — focusing on the structure of the Windows 8 template. This application won’t do anything, but that’s okay. I show you a lot of code that does neat stuff later on in this book.

Getting Started in Visual Studio

I gave you a glimpse of Visual Studio in Chapter 1, but that isn’t the only tool in our arsenal. A number of editions of Visual Studio are available for pay and for free. The various versions appeal to a number of different audiences.

Table 4-1 breaks down the different editions of Visual Studio.

Table 4-1 Visual Studio Editions ...

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