Appendix C

Universal Shortcut Keys


General, dialog box, and Explorer shortcut keys

Ease Of Access shortcut keys

Text-editing shortcut keys

Microsoft Internet Explorer shortcut keys

This is a quick reference to shortcut keys that are used throughout Windows 8. Many application programs use the same shortcut keys. That’s why we’ve titled this appendix “Universal Shortcut Keys.” Of course, any program can have additional shortcuts to its own unique features. For example, the Word 2010 Options window shows underlined characters, denoting them as hotkeys for activating an option. The first option is Typing Replaces Selected Text. The hotkey for this option is T. (See Figure C.1.) For programs still using menus, the key+key combination to the right of each menu command is the shortcut key for using that command from the keyboard without the menu.

FIGURE C.1 Shortcut keys on items in the Word 2010 ribbon


Many programs show shortcut keys in the tooltip that appears when you point to a button or icon (see Figure C.2). In the figure, we’re pointing to the B (Boldface) button in Microsoft Word 2010. Below the mouse pointer, you can see that Ctrl+B is the shortcut key for boldfacing text.

FIGURE C.2 Microsoft Office 2010 shortcut key hints


Virtually every program also comes ...

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