Appendix D

Windows 8 Touch Gestures


Windows 8 Touch Gestures

The Windows 8 touch interface is designed to be used on different platforms with different inputs. Users on regular laptops or desktop computers can use keyboard and mouse movements to select, deselect, or move items, resize windows, and perform other tasks. With Windows-based tablets, however, you can use Windows 8 touch interface gestures. These are hand gestures you can use instead of relying on simple clicks or requiring that a mouse device performs Windows tasks.

Table D-1 lists touch gestures and a description of those gestures. Keep in mind that other gestures may be available based on a particular Windows 8 app that you are running. Also, not all of these gestures are available with every app. It’s up to the app developer to program them into their app.

TABLE D.1 Windows 8 Touch Interface Gestures

This Action Does This
Slide your finger left or right. Scrolls through the screens.
Tap once. Starts an app.
Swipe from the right side of the screen toward the middle. Displays the Charms Bar, which includes the Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings charms. This action also displays a window that shows connection information, battery information (if using a mobile device), the time, and the date.
Swipe from the left side of the screen toward the middle. Launches the last app that was launched.
Swipe down. Displays additional menus.
Press and hold down on an item and then move it. ...

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