Using Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a program that helps you bring together pictures and videos from all the subfolders in your Pictures folder. The program is not included with Windows 8, but you can download it from

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a great tool for managing a large photo collection.

Photo Gallery isn’t a folder where you store files. Rather, it’s a way of organizing and accessing files without having to navigate around multiple folders. For example, you can view all your photos at once, regardless of what folders they’re in. Or better yet, you can locate and work with pictures that have certain things in common, such as all the pictures of your child (if you’re a parent).

The only disadvantage of Windows Live Photo Gallery is that it doesn’t show icons for all pictures and videos. Anything that doesn’t show a thumbnail in your Pictures folder doesn’t show up at all in Photo Gallery! Photo Gallery shows thumbnails for BMP, JFIF, JPEG, JXR, ICO, PNG, TIFF, and WDP photos and WMV, AVI, ASF, and MPEG movies.

The easiest way to understand what Windows Live Photo Gallery is all about is to fire it up and take a look for yourself. Use whichever method shown here is easiest for you:

  • Click Windows Live Photo Gallery on the Start screen.
  • Tap image, type gal, and click Windows Live Photo Gallery. ...

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