Syncing with Network Files

Windows synchronization is most commonly used for updating offline files. This is most frequently used for laptop computers but can also be used with desktop systems. To perform synchronization, you’ll need to have a network location set up on your local computer that connects to a server (see Chapter 50). You are able to set up offline files to synchronize the data on the server to your local system. This makes the content available when you are away from that server.

Don’t confuse Sync Center with the cloud-based Skydrive. At this time, they are two distinct features of Windows 8. In the future, Microsoft may release more Sync Center features into its Skydrive product. If you want to learn more about the new Skydrive app, read Chapter 22.

You can edit your data while disconnected from the network, and Sync Center makes sure that the changes you made while disconnected are sent back to the server when you reconnect to the network. In the event someone has edited or changed the files on the server, Sync Center asks for your assistance. Setting up offline files requires several steps, the first of which is to make the files and folders available offline.

Using Sync Center for offline files

The first step to setting up offline files is to add a network location to your system if you don’t already have one. This is covered in more detail in Chapter 51. When you have a network location configured, clicking your Computer link opens a menu that ...

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