Computer Takes Too Long to Start

On most systems, Windows 8 is optimized to decrease boot time from many seconds (or minutes) to just a handful of seconds. For example, a laptop might take approximately 35 seconds to boot to Windows 7. With Windows 8, the boot time is only eight seconds. You may or may not see that large of a decrease in wait time, but you should pay attention if the boot time takes longer and longer each time you start your computer.

When the computer takes much longer to start than it used to, the problem is usually caused by too many programs trying to auto-start. Consider uninstalling any programs you don’t really use, as discussed in Chapter 40. For the remaining programs, use Windows Defender to prevent unnecessary programs from starting automatically (see Chapter 10 for more information. For more information on controlling auto-start programs, read Chapter 15).

Many things that prevent a computer from starting have nothing to do with Windows 8. It often takes even seasoned pros many hours to diagnose and repair startup problems. But before you resort to the repair shop, here are some other things you can try.

Restore system files to an earlier time

If you can get the computer to start in Safe Mode, try restoring your files to an earlier time. In Safe Mode, click the Start button, type Restore, and then click System Restore on the Start menu. Follow the onscreen instructions to restore system files from a date prior to when the problem began. Choose the most ...

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