Windows 8 represents the most radical change to Microsoft's operating system since Windows 95 was released 17 years ago. With its new Start screen and interface, the latest version of Windows is an attempt to create a single operating system designed to run on both traditional PCs and tablets.

But no one likes change. People used to the familiar Start menu and features of Windows 7, Vista, and XP may find Windows 8 challenging and frustrating, at least until they learn all the tips and tricks for navigating and using the new operating system.

This book is designed to share many of those tips and tricks so that you can move beyond the challenges and frustrations to take full advantage of the new flavor of Windows.

People new to Windows 8 should find this book helpful, though it's also geared toward those who've already dabbled with the new version. Even users who have been working and playing with Windows 8 might still find themselves in uncertain territory. You may be confused or discouraged by certain aspects of the new version. You may be uncertain where to find or how to use certain features. Or you may already feel comfortable with Windows 8 but simply want to discover more of the hidden shortcuts and other surprises lurking about.

Though Windows 8 is aimed toward both PCs and tablets, this book is directed strictly toward PC users. Tablet owners can tap and swipe their way throughout the Start screen and Windows 8 apps. But PC users can just as easily navigate ...

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