Restoring Windows from a Restore Point

A Windows restore point is a snapshot of your entire Windows environment at a specific point in time. You can use restore points to record your Windows environment before you install new applications or make other changes to your system. If you experience problems with Windows or need to undo recent changes, you can restore your environment to a previous point. Windows 8 devotes a certain amount of hard drive space to save restore points. You can create as many restore points as you want. Once the available hard drive space is used up, Windows starts deleting the earliest restore points. This task explains how to restore Windows 8 from a restore point.



1 Open Control Panel: Launch the desktop by clicking its Start screen tile. Hover your mouse in the lower-right hot corner to display the Charms bar. Click the Settings charm. Click Control Panel at the top of the pane.


2 Open System Protection: From Control Panel, click the System and Security category and then click System. In the left pane, click System protection.


3 Restore Windows: Click ...

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