Surfing the Web with Windows 8 Internet Explorer

With Windows 8, Microsoft offers two versions, or views, of Internet Explorer 10 — one that runs in the Windows 8 UI and one that runs in the standard desktop environment. The desktop version of IE is similar to the previous edition of the browser and offers more features than does the Windows 8 version. But the Windows 8 version is designed for quick and simple web surfing, offering a minimal set of controls and options, and instead putting the focus on the web page itself. With the Windows 8 version of IE, you can move back and forth between different websites, open new tabbed pages, and pin pages to the Start screen. This task explains how to surf the web using the Windows 8 version of IE.



1 Open Internet Explorer: Open the Windows 8 version of Internet Explorer by clicking its Start screen tile.


2 View your home page: Internet Explorer opens to display the default home page.


3 Enter a new address: Click in the address bar on the app bar and type the name for a new website, such as Google. Internet Explorer displays a list of suggested ...

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