Q & A


Q: How do I get past the Lock screen to access the login screen?

A: You can drag the Lock screen up with your mouse or simply press the spacebar or any other key on your keyboard.


Q: What is the purpose of the Lock screen?

A: The purpose of the Lock screen is to provide key information at a glance, so it displays the date and time as well as notifications for such apps as Mail and Calendar.


Q: I think I am typing the right password. Why is Windows not letting me log in?

A: You can confirm if you are typing the right password by clicking the eye icon to the left of the arrow at the login screen. That temporarily displays the characters of your password after you have typed them.


Q: Can I sign in to Windows 8 without being online?

A: Yes. You can sign in to Windows 8 offline with your Microsoft account or a local account. All local applications will work; those that require an Internet connection will obviously not run.


Q: Where is the Start button?

A: Microsoft removed the Start ...

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