Chapter 8

Printing Your Work

In This Chapter

arrow Printing from the Start screen’s apps

arrow Printing files, envelopes, and web pages from the desktop

arrow Adjusting how your work fits on a page

arrow Troubleshooting printer problems

Occasionally you’ll want to take text or an image away from your PC’s whirling electrons and place it onto something more permanent: a piece of paper.

This chapter tackles that job by explaining all you need to know about printing. Here, you find out how to make that troublesome document fit on a piece of paper without hanging off the edge.

You’ll discover how to print from the Start screen’s gang of apps as well as from the desktop’s programs.

I explain how to print just the relevant portions of a website — without the other pages, the ads, the menus, and the printer-ink-wasting images.

And should you find yourself near a printer spitting out 17 pages of the wrong thing, flip ahead to this chapter’s coverage of the mysterious print queue. It’s a little-known area that lets you cancel documents before they waste all your paper. (I explain how to set up a printer in Chapter ...

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