Chapter 10

Being Social: Mail, People, Calendar, and Messaging

In This Chapter

arrow Adding your accounts

arrow Setting up e-mail

arrow Sending and receiving files and photos

arrow Managing your contacts

arrow Managing your calendar

arrow Sending and receiving instant messages

Thanks to the Internet’s never-fading memory, your friends and acquaintances never disappear. Old college chums, business pals, and even those elementary school bullies are all waiting for you online. Toss in a few strangers you may have swapped messages with on websites, and the Internet has created a huge social network.

Windows 8 helps you stay in touch with friends you enjoy and avoid those you don’t. To manage your online social life, Windows 8 includes a suite of intertwined social apps: Mail, People, Calendar, and Messaging. You can pretty much guess which app handles what job.

The apps work together, vastly simplifying the chore of tracking ...

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