Chapter 17

Fiddling with Photos (and Movies)

In This Chapter

arrow Copying digital camera photos into your computer

arrow Taking photos with your computer’s camera

arrow Viewing movies with the Video app

arrow Viewing photos in your Pictures library

arrow Saving digital photos to a CD

Today’s digital cameras are little computers in their own right, so it’s natural that Windows 8 treats them like newfound friends. Plug a camera into your computer, turn on the camera, and Windows greets the newcomer, offering to copy your camera’s photos onto your computer.

This chapter walks you through moving your digital photos from your camera into your computer, showing off photos to friends and family, e-mailing them to distant relatives, and saving them in places where you can easily find them again.

One final note: After you’ve begun creating a digital family album on your computer, please take steps to back it up properly by turning on File History, the automatic backup feature in Windows 8 that I describe in Chapter 13. ...

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