Chapter 19

Strange Messages: What You Did Does Not Compute

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding notifications

arrow Deciphering security messages

arrow Responding to messages on the desktop

Error messages in real life are fairly easy to understand. A blinking digital clock means you need to set the time. A car’s beeping dashboard means that you’ve left your keys in the ignition. A spouse’s stern glance means that you’ve forgotten something important.

But Windows 8 error messages may have been written by a Senate subcommittee, if only the messages weren’t so brief. The error messages rarely describe what you did to cause the event or, even worse, how to fix the problem.

In this chapter, I’ve collected some of the most common Windows 8 error messages, notifications, and just plain confusing attempts at conversation. Find a message that matches what you’re experiencing and then read how to handle the situation as gracefully as Windows 8 will allow.

Could Not Enable File History. The System Cannot Find the Path Specified.

Meaning: The message in Figure 19-1 tells you that the Windows 8 backup program, File History, isn’t working anymore.

Probable cause: File History was saving your files on a portable ...

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