Chapter 9. Email

Email—can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Can you name another technology that has so dramatically changed the way we communicate? It makes it immeasurably easier to keep in touch with friends and family, and to do business. And it makes life extremely annoying…just think of spam.

Windows 8 comes with a single email app, the Windows 8 native Mail app. It’s not a particularly powerful app, and lacks plenty of features that power users crave, such as threaded messaging. So in this chapter, I’ll offer hacks not just for the limited Windows 8 Mail app, but for other mail apps and services you’ll likely use, such as Outlook, (the Microsoft mail service previously known as Hotmail), and Gmail.

No matter which mail client or service you use, odds are that you’re not getting the most out of your email. Spam may bedevil you, Outlook may block you from getting attachments, and if you’re a Gmail user, you may spend too much time doing unnecessary tasks.

This chapter shows you how to hack the Windows 8 Mail client, Gmail, Outlook,, and others, and tells you how to fight spam. And there’s plenty more as well.

Hack #91. Trick the Windows 8 Mail App into Using POP Mail

Here’s how to get around one of the Windows 8 Mail app’s major shortcomings—its inability to handle POP mail.

Let’s face it: Windows 8’s built-in Mail app isn’t the swiftest kid on the block. There’s plenty it doesn’t do. And one of the most important things it doesn’t do is let you read ...

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