Windows 8 LiveLessons (Video Training)

Video description

Video training on demand, for everyone who wants to succeed with Windows 8: a complete video course containing 100 step-by-step screencasts!

• Start-to-finish personal training on Windows 8: just watch and learn!
• Simple, quick video walkthroughs of the tasks you perform most often!
• Great personalized training at a fraction of the cost...for everyone who doesn't have time to read a book!

Windows 8 LiveLessonspresents more than four hours of personalized Windows 8 training - 100 quick, bite-size video lessons that teach virtually every essential skill Windows 8 users want and need. You can build your skills one step at a time, by simply watching these polished, upbeat videos. Begin by touring the Windows 8 Start Screen and Desktop, introducing everything from account set-up to personalization; then watch everything from working with Apps to security and performance. Walk through essential tasks like sharing files, system backups, and networking. These quick, self-contained lessons teach you key skills at your own pace - often in as little as five minutes. Every lesson begins with well-defined learning objectives, and ends with easy-to-understand summaries that help you track your progress. Like all products in the highly successful LiveLessons series, Windows 8 LiveLessons responds to the growing marketplace demand for just-in-time training delivered visually, by leading industry experts. It delivers the power of the best classroom training at a small fraction of the cost, and is designed to appeal to the enormous audience of professionals and consumers who want to master Windows 8 but don't have time to read a large book on the subject!

About the Author:

ClipTraining: Since being founded by best-selling author and sought-after speaker J. Peter Bruzzese and Timothy Duggan, ClipTraining has been committed to streamlining the process of delivering knowledge. Three core principles shape the training: Teach the way we learn; Make it simple and inviting; Make it available any time. With this methodology, and continuing to refine the best practices, ClipTraining provides education to increase skills, efficiency, and productiveness.

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Table of contents

  1. Getting Started
    1. An Initial Tour of Windows 8
    2. Using the Start Screen
    3. The Windows Desktop
    4. Account Types
    5. Logging in to Windows
  2. The Start Screen
    1. Adjusting Start Screen Tiles
    2. Working with Switcher, the Start Tip and Back Tip
    3. Touch Navigation
    4. Using the Charms Bar
    5. Using the Search Charm
    6. Using the Share Charm
    7. Using the Devices Charm
    8. Using the Settings Charm
    9. Working with Live Tiles
    10. Using Snap
    11. Using Shortcut Keys
  3. The Desktop
    1. Understanding Jump Lists
    2. Exploring the Taskbar
    3. Working with the Notification Area
    4. Apps with a Ribbon UI
    5. Using File Explorer
    6. Customizing Folder Options
    7. Using Libraries
  4. Personalization
    1. Working with Power Down Options
    2. Personalizing Your Lock Screen
    3. Personalizing Your Start Screen
    4. Personalizing Your Account Picture
    5. Working with Account Settings
    6. Personalization Settings (from Notifications to Privacy)
    7. Change Display Settings
    8. Adjusting Your Background and Screen Saver
    9. Modifying Date and Time Settings
  5. Working with Apps
    1. The Windows 8 Store
    2. An Overview of Windows Essentials 2012
    3. The Snipping Tool
    4. Exploring Reader
    5. Using the Mail and People Apps
    6. Using the Calendar App
    7. Using the SkyDrive App
    8. Using the IE 10 App
    9. Advanced IE 10 App
    10. The IE 10 Desktop
    11. Exploring Xbox Video and Music
    12. Using the Photos App
  6. Security and Performance
    1. Using a Picture Password
    2. The Action Center
    3. User Account Control
    4. Using Windows Defender
    5. Understanding Windows Firewall
    6. Using BitLocker Drive Encryption
    7. Working with Family Safety
    8. Configuring AutoPlay
    9. Modifying Default Programs
    10. Exploring Device Manager
    11. Working with Devices and Printers
    12. Exploring the Ease of Access Center
    13. Using File History
    14. Understanding Windows SmartScreen
    15. Managing Fonts
    16. Using Indexing
    17. Customizing Power Options
    18. Modifying Programs and Features
    19. Selecting a Region
    20. Working with RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
    21. Using Speech Recognition
    22. Understanding Storage Spaces
    23. Working with Backup and Restore
    24. The Sync Center
    25. Managing Users
    26. Exploring Windows Update
  7. Networking
    1. Wireless Connection Settings
    2. Working with HomeGroups
    3. Sharing Media
    4. The Network and Sharing Center
    5. Advanced Sharing Settings
    6. Configure Your Network Adapter
    7. Configure TCP/IP Settings
  8. Advanced Tools and Features
    1. An Overview of Admin Tools
    2. Using the Computer Management Tool
    3. Working with the Event Viewer
    4. Exploring Services
    5. Using the System Configuration Tool
    6. Disk Management
    7. Using Defragment and Optimize Drives
    8. Customizing Local Security Policy
    9. Working with Task Scheduler
    10. Working with the Task Manager
    11. The Performance Monitor
    12. Exploring System Properties
    13. The Windows Experience Index
    14. Understanding Recovery Options
    15. Working with System Refresh
    16. Advanced Performance Tools (in Control Panel)
    17. Performance Information and Tools (in Control Panel)
    18. Exploring Troubleshooting (in Control Panel)
    19. Using the Problem Steps Recorder
    20. The Reliability Monitor
    21. The Resource Monitor
    22. Configuring Remote Assistance
    23. Using Windows-to-Go

Product information

  • Title: Windows 8 LiveLessons (Video Training)
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2012
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0133353257