Chapter 10. Keeping You and Your Family Safe

One of the biggest challenges people face when using computers is keeping safe when they’re on the Internet. How do you keep malware off your computer, how can you tell a fake website from a real one, and how do you keep your children safe from inappropriate web content and unsuitable games?

These are concerns, not just for parents but also for every Internet user. In this chapter, I want to show you how Windows 8 can help keep you, your friends, and your family safe.

Top Tips from This Chapter

  1. Each user should her their own account to separate her personal files and Internet favorites.

  2. Criminals will try and trick you into installing malware/viruses; do not click/touch things casually.

  3. The Family Safety features in Windows 8 can help keep your children safe online.

Setting Up Additional Users on Your Computer

When you first use Windows 8, you will be asked to create a user account, either a local one on the computer or one created using a Microsoft account. This will have the same login you use for a Hotmail or Live email account or for your Xbox.

When you are using Windows 8 in a family environment, it’s always a good idea to give each user his own user account, but what is the difference between a local account and a Microsoft Account?

  • A local account is stored only on a single computer, and it’s exclusive to that computer. It only gives a person access to that one computer. It doesn’t come with an email address, nor does it come with the ability ...

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