Chapter 6

Windows Store: Finding, Acquiring, and Managing Your Apps

In This Chapter

  • Understanding app stores and why Windows Store is important
  • Understanding the rules for apps you download from Windows Store
  • Launching and Browsing Windows Store
  • Accessing content by category, list, or app
  • Finding apps
  • Downloading, installing, and updating apps
  • Rating and reviewing apps and other reviews
  • Uninstalling apps
  • Configuring accounts and Windows Store preferences

With its Windows Store, Microsoft is following the app store model pioneered by Apple, sure, but it’s also providing a unique approach to what is now considered a key part of any new platform. This approach establishes the very important rules that all apps available from the store must follow, providing users with the assurances they need to trust these apps. But it also plays into one of Windows 8’s greatest strengths as a platform: These apps aren’t just isolated islands of functionality, but they can also integrate deeply into the OS, extending the capabilities of Windows 8 well into the future.

As an app in its own right, Windows Store is beautiful to look at, easy to navigate, and a somewhat ideal way to discover, download, and manage Metro-style apps. It provides a rich environment with app categories and subcategories, lists of useful apps, app landing pages with detailed information, and an excellent set of feedback features that let you rate and review apps and other reviews.

This chapter examines Windows Store and ...

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