Chapter 3: Sharing Among Tiled Apps

In This Chapter

arrow.png Sharing with the Share charm

arrow.png Working through a share

arrow.png Knowing what can be shared

arrow.png Controlling which tiled apps are allowed to share

The tiled Metro side of Windows doesn’t have much of a Clipboard — and no drag ’n’ drop.

askwoodycom_vista.eps If you’ve used Windows before, that statement should stop you dead in your tracks. The Windows Clipboard — which works just fine on the old-fashioned desktop side of Windows 8.1 — is the primary means for moving data around. You can copy just about anything to the Clipboard and then paste it just about anywhere: Text can go from a browser to a Word document; numbers can go from an e-mail to a spreadsheet; pictures can be copied and pasted into different folders — or into documents, messages, spreadsheets, or even different pictures.

Old-fashioned desktop select-and-drag works, too, in many situations, but in every version of Windows since the primordial ooze, the Clipboard has always done the lion’s share of the work. ...

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