Chapter 2: Using Metro Mail, People, and Calendar Apps

In This Chapter

arrow.png How the new Win8.1 communication apps hang together

arrow.png Choosing a Mail, Contacts, and Calendar app

arrow.png Navigating Win8.1’s tiled Mail

arrow.png Placing all your contacts in Win8.1 People

arrow.png Avoiding duplicates and other Win8.1 Calendar problems

The Windows “productivity” apps — Metro Mail, Calendar, and People — form the core of Microsoft’s Windows 8.1, tiled Metro app assault. The original Windows 8 versions of all of those apps were seriously, uh, challenged. That’s putting it politely. In Windows 8.1, they’re usable — although nobody who’s used them would confuse them with fully functional productivity apps.

On the one hand, they’re free — or, I should say, they come at no additional cost when you buy a Windows computer. So you can’t really expect too much out of them. On the other hand, they’re competing against other free communication apps — I won’t mention those on the iPad by name — so there’s a lot of pressure to deliver ...

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