Chapter 3: The Windows 8.1 Photos App

In This Chapter

arrow.png Taking a tour of the Metro Photos app

arrow.png Adding photos in various ways

arrow.png Pinning your photos

Windows 8.1’s Metro Photos app is meant to be a pleasing, full-screen way to look at your picture collection, coupled with some easy-to-use photo editing capabilities. If your expectations go a little bit outside that box, you’re going to be very disappointed.

In this chapter, you find an introduction to what Photos can and can’t do. A quick tour shows you how to navigate around the Photos app. Then I explain how to edit with the simple but surprisingly powerful Metro Photo tools, and how to import images from your camera (or phone) with Photos.

Discovering What Metro Photos App Can Do

Photos has a very simple layout for viewing your photos. Here’s what you get:

check A central place to view photos from your computer or from your SkyDrive account

check Help searching for a photo

A way to show your photos organized by date

The next section, “Touring Photos ...

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