Chapter 1: Using SkyDrive in Windows 8.1

In This Chapter

arrow.png Introducing SkyDrive

arrow.png Using the tiled Metro SkyDrive app

arrow.png Working with SkyDrive on your old-fashioned desktop

arrow.png Running SkyDrive on the Internet

arrow.png Working with Fetch

Microsoft has announced that it’s retiring the name SkyDrive. Microsoft lost a trademark lawsuit in the U.K. with British Sky Broadcasting — the TV people — and instead of taking the lawsuit back for another appeal, MS decided it was smarter to just stop using the term Sky. I’m astounded that a company can trademark the name Sky, but then again I’m still dealing with the idea that a company can trademark the name Windows.

As we went to press, Microsoft hadn’t spilled any beans about the new name for SkyDrive. So, in this book, we’ll stick with the old name. By the time you read this, Microsoft may have launched its new TrustYourDataWithUS service, so adjust your spectacles accordingly.

Start with the basics: The Windows 8.1, tiled Metro SkyDrive app doesn’t do justice ...

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