Adapting to Screen Changes

Wide, thin, then wide again. The MyTasks app is designed to gracefully adapt to different screen widths. As I discussed in Chapter 11, multiple Windows 8.1 apps can be run side by side. A user can change the size of a Windows 8.1 app at any moment.

A standard Widows 8.1 app should be designed to work at any width between 500 pixels and higher. By default, 500 pixels is the minimum horizontal width for a Windows 8.1 app.

However, I wanted to be able to use the MyTasks app at widths lower than 500 pixels. In particular, I wanted to be able to open the MyTasks app side by side with other applications such as Visual Studio. That way, I can quickly add a new task to the MyTasks app while working within Visual Studio (see ...

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