Chapter 33: Troubleshooting Software Problems


Troubleshooting installations

Troubleshooting programs

Researching application errors

Editing the Windows Registry

Most programs designed for Windows 7 (and possibly Windows Vista) will work with Windows 8.1. However, not all programs that were designed for Windows XP (or earlier versions of Windows) will work with Windows 8.1. This chapter helps you troubleshoot problems with programs running on Windows 8.1.

Troubleshooting Installations

Avoid installing utility and security programs unless they're specifically written for Windows 8.1. (Most basic application programs will run fine.) If you can't get an older program to install, or it doesn't work after you install it, check the program manufacturer's website to see if a Windows 8.1 version is available. Or, use the methods discussed in Chapter 29 to configure settings that might enable the older program to run on Windows 8.1. Or, consider installing and using Windows XP Mode with Windows Virtual PC to run the application. If these steps fail, you can take some general troubleshooting steps to get the program working properly.

Troubleshooting Programs

Because so many programs are available for Windows, no troubleshooting magic bullets exist that will solve all problems. Every program and every problem is unique, but pinpointing what's causing the problem is often easy.

One of the ...

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