Chapter 18

The Case of the Broken Window

In This Chapter

arrow Enjoying the magic fixes in Windows

arrow Toning down Windows permission screens

arrow Reviving deleted files and folders and their older versions

arrow Retrieving a forgotten password

arrow Fixing vanishing icons and files, stuck menus, and frozen screens

Sometimes you just have a vague sense that something’s wrong. Your computer displays an odd screen that you’ve never seen before, or Windows starts running more slowly than Congress.

Other times, something’s obviously gone haywire. Programs freeze, menus keep shooting at you, or Windows greets you with a cheery error message every time you turn on your computer.

Many of the biggest-looking problems are solved by the smallest-looking solutions. This chapter points you to the right one.

The Magic Fixes in Windows

For years, System Restore was the Windows go-to fix when your computer began running rough. System Restore lives on in Windows 8.1, as I describe in the sidebar. But Windows 8.1 also offers ...

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