10 Final Hybrid Cloud Considerations


  • Executing your hybrid cloud initiative
  • Deciding when it's time to move to the hybrid cloud
  • Embracing continual improvement
  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Deciding when it is time to jump onboard

As we move into the final chapter of this book we would like to recap the journey you have just taken. At this point, you have examined in depth the process to understand and prioritize your business goals, determined the right solution for your needs, explored the capabilities of Azure and System Center, and hopefully crafted a way forward for deploying a hybrid cloud solution within your environment. Chances are good that you found certain parts of this book more engaging than others and spent more or less time in specific parts according to interest or need. If that is the case, don't worry — no one is an expert across every topic covered in this book. Frankly, it took the three of us working very closely together (not to mention the amazing editors) to ensure that each chapter flows logically and that you have the necessary information to build a hybrid cloud solution. Likewise, what will most likely happen in the real world is that you will need several resources with various skill sets to appropriately justify, design, build, and deploy a hybrid cloud solution.

We are not under the impression that one person alone will carry out all aspects of building a hybrid cloud solution. No doubt, it will take a team of resources with various ...

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