6 Using Peripheral Features with Windows Azure Web Sites


  • Delegating administrative duties for your Windows Azure subscription
  • Creating links between different types of resources and managing linked resources
  • Working with Windows Azure SQL Database remotely

There's a certain sort of allure to staying in a hotel. Hotels are like little homes you get to stay in when you can't be in your own, and you don't get into too much trouble if you leave the bathroom messy in the morning. You always come back to a made bed, even if you didn't make it before you stepped out. There's unlimited ice down the hall and you don't have to make the ice cubes. Brilliant.

Not everything you do in your project will deal exclusively with your website. Often you'll have other Windows Azure assets associated with your project and it would be nice to have these easily accessible through the portal. Very few projects lack some kind of database connectivity, and when you have a database involved, you want to be able to get to your data.

So, what do hotels have to do with Windows Azure Web Sites? Maybe more than you think, so stick with me to the end to see where this goes, and don't forget to tip the concierge.


When you check into a hotel you get a key to your room that enables you to come and go as you please. The only other people who can get into your room are people with implied trust — folks that make up part of the cleaning team, or a bellhop ...

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