Chapter 2

Moving an Application to the Cloud


  • An overview of publishing options when moving a website to Windows Azure
  • Setting and reviewing credentials and server hostnames
  • Selecting the best deployment strategy


Please note that all the code examples in this chapter are available as a part of this chapter’s code download on the book’s website at on the Download Code tab. You’ll be publishing all the related code from two of the projects in the download:

Basic Site Publish Files — This is a pre-baked deployment ready to push to the cloud, based off of the SimpleSite solution output.

SimpleSite — This is a Visual Studio 2012 solution that you will use as a publishing exercise.

Many friends of mine enjoy freely cracking open their computers and upgrading parts between coding sessions, but I would argue that there is a difference between being a software developer and a computer hardware technician. Sure, the roles are often blurred — anyone in my programming circles is more apt to diagnose a driver issue than most other professionals I know — but building and deploying new servers is outside our area of expertise.

I’ve spent my fair share of time in the server room; but as someone who truly loves the art of software development, I’d have to afford the reader that, for me, “compiler” is a preferred tool over “Phillips 2.” And when my intentions are to use an evening of my free time to pick up some new library ...

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