Chapter 3

Managing Deployments via Source Control


  • Associating a version control system with your Azure account
  • Using source control repositories to publish Azure Web Sites
  • Working with different versions of a previously deployed code base


Please note that all the code examples in this chapter are available as a part of this chapter’s code download on the book’s website at on the Download Code tab. You’ll be publishing all the related code from the following project in the download:

SimpleSite — This is a Visual Studio 2012 solution that you will use as a publishing exercise throughout this chapter.

It is often said that the only good code is shipped code. Until code is shipped, users gain no benefit from our efforts. And on too many occasions, the time between development and deployment into production can be measured in weeks and months. So how great would it be to have code shipped as soon as it’s checked in? This is an idea that has been gaining support for quite a while. Support not just in terms of people approving of the idea, but also in the number and quality of tools used to actually deliver on it. Developers can add Windows Azure Web Sites to the list of tools that help achieve this laudable goal.

Developers don’t go out of their way to make their deployment process intentionally more complex. They don’t add extra tools to their toolkit for the heck of it. They have no desire to make it difficult ...

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