Searching for Records

The function CeSeekDatabase can be used to:

  • Move to the first or last record in a property database

  • Move a given number of records forward or backward from the current record

  • Move to a record with the given record object id

  • Move to records based on the current sort order

Once the desired record has been located, CeReadRecordPropsEx can be used to read properties from the record.

Table 4.13. CeSeekDatabase—Moves to a different record in the property database
HANDLE hDatabaseHANDLE to open database
DWORD dwSeekTypeConstant specifying how to seek (see below)
DWORD dwValueValue used when seeking using sort order or relative record position
LPDWORD lpdwIndexRecord number to which seek moved
CEOID Return ValueReturns object ...

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