Chapter 3

Automating Tasks

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • View and Manage Tasks Using Scheduled Tasks
    • Configure the Task Scheduler
    • View Tasks
    • Create New Tasks
    • Delete Existing Tasks
  • Manage Tasks Using the SchTasks Command
    • Use the /Create Switch
    • Use the /Delete Switch
    • Use the /Query Switch
    • Use the /Change Switch
    • Use the /Run Switch
    • Use the /End Switch

One of the best reasons to work at the command line is to automate tasks. It’s not that you can forget about the task completely, but you don’t have to worry about whether the task is scheduled for completion either. Barring a major problem, such as a power outage, the computer faithfully starts and completes the task for you automatically. Now, you may very well have to interpret ...

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