Chapter 4

Working with File and Directory Objects

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Manage Directory Objects
    • Find Directories
    • Find Directories Using Patterns
    • View and Change the Current Directory
    • Create, Move, or Rename Directories
    • Remove a Directory
    • Display a Directory Structure
  • Manage File Objects
    • Find Files
    • Copy Files
    • Perform Bulk File Transfers
    • Remove Files
    • Move or Rename Files
  • Work with File Associations and Types
    • Determine File Associations
    • Create File Associations
    • Determine and Create File Types
  • Make Data Links
    • Create, View, or Delete Simple Hard Links
    • Create Hard Links Using the New Technique
    • Create Symbolic Links or Junctions

Folder and directory objects consume a considerable amount of the administrator’s time because ...

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