Chapter 5

Administering File and Directory Content

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Execute Applications Anywhere
    • View Application Paths
    • Set Application Paths
  • Locate Information in Files
    • Find Simple Strings
    • Find Complex Strings
    • Display Files Containing Strings
    • Perform Case Insensitive Searches
  • Monitor the File System with the FSUtil Command
    • Control File System Behavior
    • Manage the Volume Dirty Bit
    • Obtain the File System Information Using FSInfo
    • Manage Quotas
    • Repair File System Errors
  • Display Data Files
    • Display a Data File on Screen
    • Employ Data Redirection
    • Display Data One Page at a Time

Chapter 4 discusses the file and directory structure—the physical presence of storage on the hard drive and its hierarchical organization. ...

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