Chapter 7

Securing the Data

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Protect Data
    • Encrypt a File or Directory
    • View Encrypted Files and Directories
    • Encrypt Hidden Files
    • Back Up Recovery Keys and Certificates
    • Add a User to a File or Directory
    • Remove a User from a File or Directory
    • Decrypt a File or Directory
  • Change File and Directory Access
    • Obtain the DACL
    • Find an SID
    • Grant Permission
    • Deny and Remove Permission
    • Set the Owner
    • Verify Security
  • Detect Shared Open Files
    • Use the Query Option
    • Use the Disconnect Option
    • Use the Local Option
  • Take Ownership of Files
    • Set Administrator Ownership
    • Set Other User Ownership

Security takes many forms on computer systems. There are entire books written about securing the system itself, securing the ...

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