Chapter 9

Working with TCP/IP

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Manage the Internet Protocol
    • Display the IP Information
    • Renew Addresses for an Adapter
    • Clear the DNS Resolver Cache
    • Renew DHCP Addresses and Register DNS Names
    • Release a Connection
  • Use Basic Diagnostics
    • Check Connections
    • Trace Transmission Paths
    • Track the Network Path
    • Obtain a Copy of NetDiag
    • Perform a Test and Understand Diagnostics
    • Locate and Fix Minor Problems
  • Get Network Statistics
    • Display Application and Ethernet Stats or Protocol Information
    • Display Protocol Information
    • Set a Refresh Interval
  • Manipulate the Network Routing Tables
    • Print the Routing Tables
    • Add, Change, or Delete a Route

At one time, a wide range of network protocols were in use for PC networks. ...

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