Chapter 12

Working with Directory Objects

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Create New Objects
    • Add a Computer
    • Add a Contact
    • Add a Group
    • Add an Organizational Unit
    • Add a User
  • Get Objects
    • List Computers
    • List Contacts
    • List Groups
    • List Organizational Units
    • List Servers
    • List Users
  • Edit Existing Objects
    • Modify Computer Data
    • Modify Contact Data
    • Modify Group Data
    • Modify Organizational Unit Data
    • Modify User Data
  • Move Existing Objects
  • Delete Existing Objects

Chapter 11 concerns itself with finding information. Often, an administrator needs to find information before doing anything else. This chapter discusses the next step (or steps)—managing the information. In this chapter, you discover the utilities you can use to add, query, edit, ...

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