Chapter 15

Performing Basic Maintenance

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Configure the Server
    • Understand the SQL Syntax of WMIC
    • Use Aliases in WMIC
    • Get Help in WMIC
    • Format Data in WMIC
    • Translate Data in WMIC
  • Activate Windows
    • Perform an Activation
    • Display the Activation Information
    • Change the Product Key
  • Manage the System Time
    • Update the Time
    • Configure a Time Source
    • Obtain Time Settings Information
  • Manage the Boot Configuration
    • Enumerate the Configurations
    • Get BCDEdit Help
    • Edit an Existing Boot Setting
    • Change the Boot Sequence
    • Set the Default Boot Item

The command line offers an amazing array of maintenance-related commands. In fact, there are far too many of them to discuss in a chapter. You could possibly write an entire ...

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