Chapter 16

Managing System Users

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Audit User Access
    • List the Policies
    • Get a Policy
    • Set a Policy
    • Perform a Backup
    • Perform a Restore
    • Clear an Audit Policy
    • Remove an Audit Policy
  • Work with Group Policies
    • Obtain Group Policy Results
    • Manage Group Policies
  • Obtain Session Status Information
    • Get Process Information
    • Get Session Information
    • Get User Information
    • Get Terminal Server Information
  • Get the User’s Identity
    • Obtain User Logon Information
    • Discover User Identity

The command line is helpful for automating common user management tasks. For example, configuring the auditing policies for a group of users is extremely easy at the command line. On the other hand, the command line can’t easily perform ...

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