Chapter 19

Changing the Batch File Environment

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Use the CMD Switches
    • Configure the Command Interpreter in the Registry
    • Use Command Extensions
  • Modify Config.NT
    • Use ANSI.SYS to Control the Environment
    • Set the Command Interpreter Location
    • Run Character Mode Applications Only
    • Display the Config.NT Commands
    • Control the Expanded Memory EMM Entry
    • Set the Number of Accessible Files
    • Control Extended Memory with HIMEM.SYS
  • Modify AutoExec.NT
    • Set the Code Page Number with the CHCP Utility
    • Add DPMI Support Using the DosX Utility
    • Enable Graphics Character Support with the GrafTabl Utility
    • Save Memory Using the LH Command
    • Install the Network Redirector Using the ReDir Utility

Batch files are an old technology—they ...

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