Maintaining the SYSVOL

Because Active Directory replicates the SYSVOL for you, you really don’t need to manage the SYSVOL on a daily basis. That said, you may occasionally need to perform maintenance tasks as your network changes. This section discusses the key maintenance tasks you might need to perform.

Managing SYSVOL Storage

The location of the SYSVOL folder and subfolders is configurable. When domain controllers use FRS replication, the default location for the SYSVOL root is %System-Root%\Sysvol. When domain controllers use DFS Replication, the default location for the SYSVOL root is %SystemRoot%\Sysvol_dfsr.

Within the SYSVOL, you’ll find a domain subfolder. For a SYSVOL replicated with FRS, this folder is located at %SystemRoot%\Sysvol\domain. ...

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