Chapter 30. Working with Mobile Devices

People are increasingly more and more on the move, and they want to keep in contact while doing so. Today, we have more options than ever when it comes to using personal electronics to access information, in the form of mobile devices such as personal data assistants (PDAs) and smart phones.

If you have a Windows Mobile-based device, you can make use of software that has been created especially for Windows Home Server that will allow you to do such things as stream music to your device, and access your shared files, and this can be done from anywhere you are able to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi or even through a wireless data access plan.

In this chapter, we present a few of the options that are available to those of you who are Windows Mobile device users that can provide even more value to your Windows Home Server investment.

Bringing Music to Windows Mobile

Modern wireless PDAs and smart phones are multipurpose convergence devices. They deliver traditional PDA functions such as calendar and portable document viewing and editing, Web browsing, and remote real-time e-mail access, and now, with flash memory cards dropping in price, they can even do a great job as portable media players.

It's easy enough to transfer music files to your Windows Mobile device using ActiveSync (or Windows ...

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