Blogging and Writing with Windows Live Writer


  • Learn about Windows Live Writer
  • Set up a new blog on Windows Live
  • Access Windows Live Spaces or other blog services from Windows Live Writer
  • Write new blog entries
  • Format blog entries using Windows Live Writer
  • Add pictures and videos to your blog posts
  • Publish your blog entries on the Internet

EVERYONE TENDS to have something to say. The way many people express their thoughts and opinions with others is to write them down and share them. The way to do this on the Internet is with a blog.

A blog is a web site where commentary or opinions are stated. A blog can also be a personal diary that you share with others. Regardless of what you write in your blog, you can use Windows Live Writer to create entries for your blog.

Of course, a lot of blogs already exist on the Internet. You can find blogs on virtually any topic. There is even a blog by the Microsoft Live Writer team at

What Is Windows Live Writer?

images Windows Live Writer is a tool for creating blog entries. It is designed with many of the features of a basic word processor (such as Microsoft Word). The features included, however, are focused on allowing you to create blog entries. This includes the ability to add links to web pages, to embed images, to embed videos, and to format text.

More importantly, Windows ...

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