Organizing with Windows Live Calendar


  • Learn about Microsoft's Windows Live Calendar versus Windows Calendar
  • Discover different views to look at a calendar
  • See how to work with more than one calendar
  • Learn how to schedule meetings, appointments, and events on your calendar
  • Examine how to set up and use reminders
  • Print your schedule or calendar

WINDOWS MAKES it is easy to use a calendar to keep track of appointments, meetings, events, or even birthdays. Not only can you track events and special occasions, but you can also track items that you need to do and keep track of your schedule. Even more interesting, you can set up multiple calendars to keep track of different things. You can have a calendar for your work events and a different one for your personal events. You can view the calendars individually or in combination. If you have an Internet connection, then you can also share your calendar with others by using the online Windows Live Calendar service, which makes it easy to coordinate schedules and more.

Using Windows Live Calendar and Windows Calendar

There are two calendar programs that are part of the Windows Live Applications and Services that you can use. This chapter will primarily focus on the Windows Calendar, which is a part of the Windows Live Mail program in the Windows Live Downloads. The other calendar program is the Windows Live Calendar that is a part of the online Windows Live Service you can use while connected to the ...

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