Windows Media 9 Series by Example

Book description

Videographers can harness the potential that WM9 offers to deliver high-quality video and multimedia via DVD and over the Internet. Illustrated examples and tutorials demonstrate the basic functionality of WM9 as well as the options available to advanced users who wish to design new applications with the software development kit. Professional videographers will find this book to be a practical way to learn how to set up players, encoders, and servers and how to capture and compress video so they can use WM9 with the applications they use every day, including Powerpoint, Premiere, After Effects, and Avid.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
    1. A New Standard
    2. How This Book is Organized
    3. Who Needs This Book
    4. My Reference Machine
    5. Updates
    6. Copyrights and Permissions
    7. Acknowledgments
  8. Section I
    1. Chapter 1. What’s New in Windows Media 9 Series
      1. New WM9 Player Features
      2. New WM9 Encoder Features
      3. New WM9 Server Features
      4. New WM9 Digital Rights Management Features
      5. Summary
    2. Chapter 2. Setting up the WM9 Player, Encoder, Server, and SDK
      1. Installing the WM9 Player
      2. Installing the WM9 Encoder
      3. Installing the WM9 Server
      4. Installing the WM9 SDK
    3. Chapter 3. Video Capture in WM9
      1. Overview of Capture Techniques
      2. Capture from Analog Video Devices
      3. Capture from DV Cameras and Decks
    4. Chapter 4. Compression and Transcoding with WM9
      1. Overview
      2. Video Compression with WM9
      3. Video Transcoding with WM9
      4. Creating and Working with Masters
    5. Chapter 5. Network Streaming with WM9
      1. Environment Setup
      2. A Modest Proposal
      3. Standard On-Demand Streaming
      4. Standard Broadcast Streaming (Encoder Pull)
      5. Standard Broadcast Streaming (Encoder Push)
      6. Multicast Streaming
      7. Configuring the WM9 Encoder (Pull Mode)
      8. Configuring the WM9 Encoder (Push Mode)
    6. Chapter 6. DRM, WM9 Style
      1. Design Summary of the WM9 Rights Manager
      2. About the Windows Media Rights Manager SDK
      3. Creating Packaged Windows Media Files
      4. Generating and Issuing Licenses
      5. Streaming Secure Files
      6. Common Business Scenarios
      7. Best Practices
  9. Section II
    1. Chapter 7. Playing WM9 files in PowerPoint, Producer, and Internet Explorer
      1. Playing WM9 Movies in MS PowerPoint
      2. Playing WM9 Movies in MS Producer
      3. Playing WM9 Movies in Internet Explorer
      4. A WM9 Video Catalog
    2. Chapter 8. Working with the WM9 Software Development Kit (SDK)
      1. What Exactly is the WM9 SDK?
      2. Programming the WM9 Player
      3. Programming the WM9 Encoder
      4. Programming the WM9 Server
    3. Chapter 9. Making DVD Movies with WM9 and MS Movie Maker 2
      1. System Requirements
      2. Production Workflow: Movie Maker + DVD Workshop
    4. Chapter 10. WM9 with Third-Party Nonlinear Editors
      1. Vegas Product Overview
      2. WM9 files in a Vegas 4 Project
      3. Integration Issues
    5. Chapter 11. Using WM9 with SnapStream Personal Video Station
      1. Product Overview
      2. Installation Issues
      3. Configuration Details
      4. Recording WM9 Video Files
      5. Other Capabilities
      6. Software versus Hardware PVRs
    6. Chapter 12. Producing WM9 Content for Handhelds
      1. Pocket PC 2002 Overview
      2. Reliable Environments
      3. Production Recipes
      4. Playback Environments
    7. Chapter 13. WM9 Audio Techniques
      1. Batch Converting WMA files to MP3
      2. Making Sense of WM9 Playlists
      3. Converting WM9 Audio to Red Book Audio
      4. The Return of Illustrated Audio
    8. Chapter 14. Encoding with the WM9 Screen Codec
      1. Overview
      2. Direct Screen Capture with WM9 Encoder
      3. Editing Screen Content with Vegas
      4. Embedding Screen Captures in Web Pages
      5. Playing Screen Captures in PowerPoint
  10. Section III
    1. Chapter 15. WM9 Integration in Consumer Electronics
      1. What is HighMAT?
      2. Windows XP Media Center Edition
      3. Required Components for WM9 5.1 Audio
      4. Frequently Asked Questions about XP Media Center
    2. Chapter 16. Late-Breaking News & Production Tools
      1. WM9 Plug-in for Adobe Premiere
      2. Microsoft Video Compression Manager
      3. Windows Media 9 Capture Tool (WM9CAP)
      4. Enterprise Deployment Pack for WM9
      5. Making VCDs with WM9 Source Files
    3. Chapter 17. How Movielink Uses Windows Media 9 Series
      1. Why Movielink Uses WindowsMedia
      2. What’s Good About WM9?
      3. Encoding Standards
      4. Hosting and Delivery Issues
      5. User Activity Tracking
      6. Business Modeling
      7. Movie Studio Relationships
      8. Where Movielink is Headed
      9. The Author’s MovieLink Experience
    4. Chapter 18. Standing in the Shadows of Motown: A WM9 Feature
      1. Origin and Background
      2. Copyright Issues
      3. Planning and Provisioning
      4. Digital Movie Distribution Details
  11. Index

Product information

  • Title: Windows Media 9 Series by Example
  • Author(s): Nels Johnson
  • Release date: July 2013
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136062452