Chapter 5. Installing TCP/IP

This chapter covers the installation and configuration of the basic components of Windows NT TCP/IP networking. Installing and configuring other aspects of Windows NT networking—the Remote Access Service, Windows Internet Name Service, Domain Name Service, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, and so on—are covered in later chapters. The procedures described in this chapter are initially performed when you install Windows NT, but you can return to them later to make changes to your network configuration.

Windows NT Networking

Windows NT provides a wide variety of networking protocols. All of these protocols, including TCP/IP, are installed and configured from the Network property sheet. Bring up the property sheet from the Control Panel by double-clicking the Network applet. The Network property sheet contains five tabs:


Defines the Windows computer name.


Defines the network interface hardware.


Defines the logical connections between services, protocols, and adapters.


Installs network services.


Installs network protocols.

In the following sections we describe how each of these tabs is used to install networking on a Windows NT system.

The Identification Tab

The Identification page is shown initially when you display Network properties. The Identification page shows the NetBIOS computer name and Windows NT domain name you assigned when Windows NT was installed. This page is normally used only to display this information. ...

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