Creating a New Zone

Before creating a new zone, make sure that the TCP/IP configuration information is set correctly for the computer running Microsoft DNS Server. In particular, verify that IP address, Internet host name, and Internet Domain name are correct. These values are used by DNS Manager when you create a new zone file. Thus an error in the TCP/IP configuration will be propagated through the DNS system if it is not corrected before you create the zone.

To create the new zone, highlight the name of the DNS server in the Server List pane, and from the DNS menu, choose New Zone. The DNS Manager displays the first screen of the Creating new zone Wizard.

The first Wizard screen asks you whether the server will be primary or secondary for the zone you’re creating. In the Zone Type pane select the Primary option button if this system is the primary DNS server, or the Secondary option button if it is a secondary server. If you select the Secondary option button, the Zone and Server fields activate. In the Zone field enter the name of the domain for which this system will be a secondary server. Enter the IP address of the zone’s primary server in the Server field. If, however, you select the Primary option button, there is nothing else to enter on this page. Click Next and the Wizard displays a second screen.

In the second screen, enter the zone name for a primary server or accept the value inserted by the Wizard for a secondary server. This is the domain name, for example, ...

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