Building the DNS Database

Compared with other DNS servers, the Microsoft DNS Server does a lot of the work for you. The DNS Manager automatically creates and maintains database entries for any host that is running DHCP or WINS. The DNS server must be in the same Windows NT domain as the WINS server from which it learns the names, and there should be no name conflicts between DNS and WINS. Ensure that there are no name conflicts by using the same host names for WINS and DNS. Use the same name for the Windows NT domain and the DNS subdomain to improve coordination. For example, the primary server for would be in the Windows NT SALES domain. Given these few simple considerations, WINS/DNS integration is essentially automatic.

Chances are, however, that at least some of your hosts are not using WINS or DHCP. For these hosts you must enter database records manually. To create a host entry, right-click the zone name in the server list, and then select New Host from the DNS menu to display the New Host dialog. Enter the Host Name specifying only the actual host name; including the domain name portion causes an error message. Enter the IP address associated with the host. To create a reverse lookup record, mark the Create Associated PTR Record checkbox. When you have entered all of the information for the new host, click Add Host to generate the database entries for that host. An empty New Host dialog is displayed. Continue entering data until all of the hosts are entered ...

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