Windows Penetration Testing Essentials

Video description

Penetration testing is becoming one of the most important roles in information security with the increased need and importance for companies and organizations to secure their digital infrastructure. Windows plays an integral role in the digital infrastructure of a company. As a result, it is one of the most targeted operating systems by attackers. This has led to an increased demand for skilled penetration testers experienced in testing and exploiting the Windows operating system. In this course, you will learn the essentials of Windows penetration testing from performing information gathering and service enumeration to exploitation and privilege escalation. You will learn how to identify vulnerabilities in Windows-specific services and how to exploit powerful vulnerabilities like EternalBlue. By the end of this course, you will learn how to effectively perform penetration tests and identify & exploit vulnerabilities on Windows systems.

Product information

  • Title: Windows Penetration Testing Essentials
  • Author(s): Alexis Ahmed
  • Release date: September 2020
  • Publisher(s): EC-Council
  • ISBN: None